Types of Political Campaign Gear: Buttons, T-Shirts, Stickers, Lanyards, Bags

November 9, 2023 0 Comments

5 Types of Political Campaign Gear

Political campaign gear includes branded merchandise distributed to voters, supporters, and volunteers. They are often handed out at events, rallies, and campaign offices.

Logo-imprinted political campaign buttons are small, round, and easy to pin on clothing or bags. They turn supporters into walking billboards and can spark conversations. Water bottles and reusable tote bags are popular with voters. Things can get hot at political events, so hand fans are a welcome giveaway.


Campaign buttons are an effective way to promote your candidate. They can be worn by supporters or given away at rallies and other public events. They can also be pinned on clothing or bags to create a walking billboard for your candidate.

Unlike mass mailings and phone campaigns, buttons allow you to speak directly to your audience and answer questions. They also make great conversation starters and can spark discussion on social media.

Political campaign buttons first gained popularity in 1896 during the McKinley/Bryan presidential race. These were known as celluloid buttons because one side of a metal disc was covered with paper and protected by celluloid. Later, lithographed buttons became more common and still remain popular today. These are cheaper to produce and can be easily pinned onto clothing or bags.


The T-shirt is an incredibly versatile garment that can convey many different messages. From Katharine Hamnett’s infamous anti-nuclear T-shirt to the various viral memes that have made their way onto the web, it is clear that this garment has become an integral part of our culture.

T-shirts are a great visual tool for communicating ideas about ideology, politics, religion, and leisure (Crane 2009). They have also been used to express support for political and social movements and ideals. In the 1960s, for example, T-shirts were worn to demonstrate support for antiwar and counterculture values.

Unlike other apparel, T-shirts are extremely comfortable to wear. They are also very easy to make, thanks to the digital printing method. This method makes it possible to produce T-shirts for a budget-friendly price.


The sticker is a powerful tool for political campaigns, helping them reach voters and convey their message. It’s an effective way to spread awareness of a campaign, and it also helps build community among like-minded people. Stickers can be easily shared on social media, creating a ripple effect and helping the campaign reach more people.

When designing your sticker, remember that people will read it in one glance. Keep the design simple and use a maximum of three colors. Choose a gloss or high-gloss finish for bold designs, or go for the matte option for a more subtle look.

Print your stickers in singles or on a roll. You can hand them out to supporters as you canvass the neighborhood or campaign at rallies, or include them in fundraising and acknowledgment letters.


Lanyards are a great way for political campaigns to build brand recognition and create a sense of community among supporters. They can be distributed at campaign events, rallies, and town hall meetings. They can also be given out at campaign offices and volunteer centers.

Printed with full-color designs, lanyards can help you stand out in a crowd and promote your message. Flat polyester lanyards are popular for their value and performance. They also take well to printing and offer a clear, crisp image.

In addition to branding, lanyards can be used to display security tags and access IDs. These lanyards are useful in hospitals, jails, and courts where people must be easily identifiable. They can even be used in banks, where lanyards can help prevent fraud and identity theft.


Political campaign materials put your candidate’s message directly into the hands of voters. They’re not as expensive or invasive as billboards and TV ads, but they have just as much impact. These items keep your message top of mind for supporters day in and day out, long after specific events and rallies end.

Reusable political tote bags can be used at a variety of events, then continued to promote your candidate as they shop and run errands around town. Printed with your name and logo, these custom tote bags have endless potential for political marketing.

Hand sanitizer is a practical and useful personal item that can be printed with your branding. Door knob bags are a quick and inexpensive way to distribute your campaign merchandise to voters.

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