About the Grassroots Redistricting Project

There's a lot at stake in 2020. People are rightly focused on getting Trump out of office, but we also have to see the forest through the trees: It won't matter who's in the White House if Republicans control the House again in 2022, and if we don't have the right governing partners at the state and local levels.

If Democrats don't win back key state legislative chambers in 2020, Republicans will continue to draw unfair district maps such that we'll lose the House in 2022—even if Democrats get more votes—and never, ever win it back.

These congressional maps get drawn every 10 years, after the Census. State legislatures have direct oversight, and in some states are even drawing the maps themselves. If we don't win these seats in 2020, Republicans can draw the maps in their favor and guarantee they'll win the House not just in 2022, but for the next decade.

Republicans get this. They have rigged our elections through decades of strategic investment in state elections. The 2018 Blue Wave was incredible—but the Associated Press determined that Democrats would have won 16 additional seats in the House of Representatives if the GOP hadn't gerrymandered districts to give themselves a huge structural advantage.

That's why Swing Left, Run for Something, and Arena are teaming up on the Grassroots Redistricting Project, to help Democrats flip key state legislatures across the country in 2020 and redraw fair district maps.

Together, we’re going to make strategic investments to win state legislative races in key redistricting targets identified by the NDRC: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

This is how we'll win

  • Run for Something will recruit state legislative candidates.
  • Swing Left will organize volunteers and raise money for these candidates.
  • And Arena will recruit and train campaign staff to make sure candidates have the talent they need to win their races.

Helping candidates win elections is the highest impact our organizations can have in the fight for fair maps. By combining the assets of our grassroots organizations and building on the work of others like the NDRC, we can rebuild our democracy.

Don’t let Republicans get away with rigging the system any longer. We’re building the next blue wave—and that starts today.